Printing makes you Money

So many businesses see printing as an expense instead of it being an investment.

Printing is a key way for you to communicate with your customers and your market. DL Marketing cards are just one of the print products a small to medium business can use.

10 great ways they can be used in the following ways;

  1. Letterbox drops – generating local awareness
  2. Mailouts with your invoices or statements
  3. Sit on your counter – take one as you leave
  4. Handed outs in the street
  5. Big business card – high impact
  6. Leave behind brochure – salespeople
  7. Quartley Newsletter – especially for restaurants
  8. Questionnaires – get customers to fill them in to get feedback
  9. Entry Form – capture customer and prospect details
  10. Table Talker – sits on the table right infront of the customer

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