1,000 DLMarketing Cards

Real Estate agents and Small Business love these!

For localised awareness or that short lived promotion, these Marketing cards are perfect in size and price. You can afford to have these done 3 or 4 times throughout the year as you let your customers what specials you have or what new and exciting products, services or promotions you have.

Millions of them are printed each year at Forster Printing so they must work!

What makes them work is they can be used anywhere from being a BIG FAT Business card to a Corporate brochure depending on budget and use of the Marketing card. They are a great leave behind if you have had a meeting and they can also be put into letterboxes or on car windscreens….. you definitely get noticed doing that sort of thing.

Talk to our friendly and informative Team about how a Marketing card can help build your business 6554 8682 or sales@forsterprinting.com.au

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